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New Series Of Educational Videos & Podcasts Enable Mfg’s To Boost Sales Online 

May 28, 2009 – Wallingford, PA – As US manufacturers struggle for growth, Internet marketing has proven successful for building business and providing industrial businesses with leads and sales generation. Internet marketing specialist and ThomasNet representative Kit Noller has just launched a resourceful Website to show industrial focused companies how to get to the top of the Internet marketing curve. Noller explains, “By using videos, blogs, podcasts and newsletters, I am attempting to reach industrial businesses and educate them on how to approach the Internet. This is where real proven sales success is occurring, however most companies do not know where to start or how to go about tapping the power of the Internet.” 

The solution platform that Noller is leveraging is the ThomasNet industrial marketing service that focuses solely on manufacturers and industrial suppliers. ThomasNet became famous for its “must have” big green directories, which it has since transformed into a complete Internet based resource. “Through education, examples and case studies, I have found that industrial businesses can gain a real understanding of how to get started on a path of growth using the Internet. It can be overwhelming for people, and I am attempting to give guidance and structure to help them.” says Noller. 

Starting in April, Noller has developed a series of videos featured on YouTube and accompanying podcasts. Each one covers a different topic from explaining “the Internet curve” phenomenon to gathering Internet traffic market intelligence from your website. 

To date, the videos consist of seven episodes: 

Episode One: “The Internet Curve”- what is it; where are you on it and how do you stay ahead of it.

Episode Two: How ThomasNet stays prominent on the Internet so that your company is optimized.

Episode Three: How to generate sales leads online.

Episode Four: Cases studies and examples of website overhauls: 1st in a three-part series

Episode Five: Online demonstration of a ThomasNet customer: 2nd in a three-part series

Episode Six: Managing content and keeping your website up-to-date: 3rd in a three-part series

Episode Seven: Gathering market intelligence using your website. 

To date, the podcasts consist of two episodes:

Episode One: Improving your industrial Internet marketing strategy

Episode Two: The benefits of ThomasNet for industrial companies

These videos and podcasts can also be found at Kit Noller’s blog site. Here industrial companies can read about the latest insights to boosting traffic, converting leads, optimizing websites and more. Noller comments “I’m just getting started; however I continue to see a real need for manufacturers and industrial companies to have a source for content that applies to their world. I am available to speak with them directly at anytime if they need help or guidance for their business.”

Noller is preparing to rollout more content in the form of e-newsletters in the next phase of providing industrial Internet marketing education.

Kit Noller is an Internet marketing specialist and ThomasNet representative with over six years experience helping industrial companies become successful by using the Internet.





 About ThomasNetSM

 ThomasNet ( is the leading online destination connecting industrial sellers and buyers worldwide. Buyers from Fortune 500 companies, the government, the military and more depend on ThomasNet to search for and purchase the products and services they need. ThomasNet provides access to over 607,000 industrial companies, indexed by 67,000 product and service categories.

 ThomasNet also offers proprietary web-based technology to help industrial businesses increase sales, expand into new markets and improve efficiencies—ultimately succeeding in today’s online environment. Drawing from the company’s experience in the industrial market and ongoing research on buyers’ and sellers’ needs, ThomasNet has helped thousands of these clients improve their sites’ content, navigation, and searchability—using online catalogs, CAD drawings, e-commerce capabilities, tracking/analytics, and more.


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Contact: Kit Noller

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