Mobile Friendly Websites for Industry

Up until recently having a mobile friendly or responsive website was a “nice to have ” feature.  It is now a “must have” for all industrial supplier websites.  Our studies show that anywhere from 10%-35% of activity to industrial/B2B supplier websites is through mobile devices.

But even more important than the stats is the fact that Google appears to be done testing their algorithm and is ready to implement search results penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly or responsive.  It’s unclear if this is just for Google searches on mobile devices or if it includes traditional desktop searches as well.  Regardless, this should have a big enough impact on your website results to influence your overall Internet marketing strategy.

My experience has shown that acting now will provide a significant advantage over your competition and allow you to stay ahead of the curve.  Feel free to contact me directly to discuss ways in which we can cost effectively convert your existing website to be mobile friendly.  In some cases you may be ready for a new website, which is also our specialty at ThomasNet, Developing World Class Websites for Industry.

Mobile Website Conversion

Mobile Website Conversion

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