Why Manufacturing Matters

When I started my career at ThomasNet 11 years ago I would hear reports on the news about all the manufacturing jobs lost in the USA over the years due to various influences like offshoring.  It always bothered me because I meet with manufacturers every day and the bulk of them are family run businesses built on hard work, dedication, and often a level of patriotism.  Yet, in the rare times when the media would report on the manufacturing sector it was empty stats from the manufacturing index or the loss of jobs.

I am extremely pleased to see that trend beginning to change and I now hear more about the focus on re-shoring and growing jobs in the United States manufacturing sector.  When you compare the statistics of the impact manufacturing has on the economics of a region compared to other business sectors you clearly see just how important manufacturing is to our economy.  Not only does manufacturing create more jobs, but it drives a genuine need for quality education, improved infrastructures, and ultimately a higher quality of life.

The shift in focus to an appreciation of the manufacturing sector goes beyond economics and actually represents a sort of cultural renaissance of sorts.  It’s ok to feel good about making money, but it feels even better to create jobs and encourage a sense of pride in US made goods.  Keep up the great work and continue to support U.S. manufacturing…..it’s deeper than you think.

Why Manufacturing Matters-Deloitte

Sources:  Manufacturing Extension Partnership/U.S. Department of Commerce; National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Deloitte.

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