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Be careful what you read on Websites that are setup for “Consumer Reviews” just because they show up on the first page of a Google search.  If you investigate the sites that publish these reviews you will find that their sole purpose it to publish bad reviews in an effort to entice the company being reviewed to buy their reputation management services.  It’s a real shame because there’s no money to be made from sites that are setup to entice people to publish positive reviews.  Furthermore, it feeds off the old adage that for every 10 happy customers that keep their opinions to themselves there is one upset customer that feels the need to shout it from the hilltops.

A Google search for “ThomasNet Reviews” yields sites called RipOffReport, ComplaintsBoard, and SiteJabber on the first page of results.  Try to post positive feedback on some of these sites and you’ll find NO place to offer it.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that these complaint sites are setup for the sole purpose of getting the company being reviewed to purchase their reputation management services.  It’s a scam!

Remember when we used to wait for the night Siskel & Ebert were on TV to review a movie before we went to see it in the theater?  How about putting off our purchase of a new appliance until we received the edition of Consumer Reviews that featured that appliance?

Did we really need to wait?  Couldn’t we just ask 5 co-workers for their feedback? 

We waited because we wanted professional, objective reviews before committing to a purchase.  Where has that gone?  Nowadays we unfortunately give too much credibility to anyone and anything that shows up on the first page of Google results.  Anyone with a keyboard and an axe to grind can let their emotions get the best of them and influence business decisions in a negative way.

Want credible ThomasNet Reviews?  See what professional industrial buyers say about the experiences they have in sourcing credible suppliers on  Are these the kind of people you want to be in front of the next time they need to source your products?

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