ThomasNet Reviews From the User Perspective

The Internet is riddled with reviews about products and services, seems like every day I run across a newly launched consumer review site aimed more towards the negative than the positive.  We place stock in the reviews published to sites with a history of credibility (Zagats, Consumer Reviews, etc), but the new era of electronic publication of content from anyone with a keyboard has led to a dilution of credible reviews.

Anyone in business knows that you have to be doing something right to provide the same service for over one hundred years as ThomasNet has done.  Below are a few of the many reviews of ThomasNet from the people who rely on the credibility of our directory to source qualified, credible suppliers.  I removed the names from the reviews of ThomasNet shown below, but they are from major buying influences throughout the industrial community.

“The US Army Research Development Engineering command makes the first 10 pieces of a certain product and then turns to to find the materials and suppliers to manufacture that product in larges quantities (i.e. 10,000) in a short time frame.”

“I just heard about it and have my groups using it to build airplanes. It makes it easier to get in and look at products. It’s more of a one-stop shop than other sites.”

“Looking for polypropylene 3-8 SKED 40 pipe. I typed that into Google and came up in the search results with a company from California that had what I needed. You guys came through for me and that was just last week!”

“I use ThomasNet all the time. On ThomasNet I spend less time getting the information I want.”

“When I’m designing something I go to a couple times a week. If I’m looking for something unusual, I go to and find it. I get 3D CAD drawings that I use with SolidWorks.”

“I access through the ThomasNet Toolbar, about twice a week. I generally search by product/service and search nationwide. The value of my last purchase was $100,000.”

“As a Mechanical Engineer I used to collect numerous vendor catalogs. Although I could find everything online directly from the manufacturers, my concern was not that I wouldn’t be able to remember the names of the suppliers. With I can specify a product and get a list of (literally hundreds) companies where I can get more detailed data. I no longer store catalogs in my cubicle. No more clutter. My workspace is more efficient and looks nice too.”

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