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Every once in a while I will get the same questions posed to me from different companies that I find odd because they don’t really have much bearing on the effectiveness of an Internet marketing strategy…..but they must be “trending”.  The most recent trend seems to involve “Click Through Rates” of ThomasNet.  Click through rates (CTR) are something I never paid much attention to because the goal of Internet marketing is not to get more clicks….it’s to get more customers.  Remember, we advertise because we want the next opportunity to come to us and not the competition.  I don’t care if the competition gets more clicks than me, as long as I’m the one that gets the click from the next customer.

Here are stats from Business
Click through rates
Facebook: 0.051%
Google: 0.4%
Average: 0.1%

Here’s the reason why I don’t place much importance on click through rates…..Google is a multi-Billion dollar company yet their revenue is based on a paltry .4% click through rate! Facebook is the most popular website EVER and worth Billions of dollars….with a .o51% CTR?!  The click through rate on ThomasNet is much higher than .4%, but we’re nowhere near the size of Google or Facebook.  What does that number/stat really mean?  NOTHING.  The real question for your company is “Where do my potential customers look when they need my services?”  There’s no question they look on ThomasNet, and we offer a sound/stable way to control your advertising for the year.

I’ve got clients that are #1 on Google for their main search term, yet they get more activity from those terms from ThomasNet than they do from Google.  Why?  Google is a consumer audience and ThomasNet is industrial.

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