Make ThomasNet the Cornerstone of Your Internet Marketing Campaign

We all remember when the Internet “Bubble” burst.  The dust seems to have finally settled, but we’ve still seen companies have a difficult time grasping how to best harness the marketing potential of this “new” media format.  For the past couple years we’re finally seeing industrial/B2B companies come to terms with the best way to incorporate an Internet marketing strategy into their overall marketing strategy.  Guess what? Sometimes  there’s nothing new under the sun!

Sure, you need to try new things, chase keywords, test the waters, etc.  But, none of these is THE answer.  After all, has there ever been one single marketing resource that covers everything you need? 

Stop following the pack and getting lost in the masses, take a step back, and formulate your marketing strategy.  The world has changed, re-think your brand message to resonate with today’s market, and start back at the same place you would have started 20 years ago….ThomasNet.  One constant has remained amongst all of the changes in marketing and that is to put yourself in front of potential buyers at the time when they are looking for your products/services/solutions.  This is the definition of the ThomasNet audience, and we can ensure that your message will be heard by the people you want to hear it.

The following article describes how one manufacturer has taken on Chinese manufacturing head-on by developing a brand message and promoting it through industry’s most influential marketing resource, ThomasNet, to the tune of a 33% increase in sales!

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