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I’m convinced that some day a researcher will choose ThomasNet as the example of a case study in how an offline company SUCCESSFULLY evolved to become 100% Online.  I’m confident they will not choose the Yellow Pages or any of the thousands of trade publications because every day I watch another one go extinct or try to re-invent itself on the heels of new ownership, only to fail months later.

The biggest reason for the success of ThomasNet’s evolution is the fact that there is a very high DEMAND for the kind of information we provide.  And what is it that we provide?  

  • The most comprehensive directory of CREDIBLE, American manufacturers and industrial suppliers
  • An easy to use format
  • Product/service/solutions based searching
  • No gimmicks designed to capture your name for resale to database management companies
  • Dedication to providing and enhancing these services to the most important sector of our economy, Manufacturing

This year ThomasNet has embarked on a grass root Audience Development initiative to enhance our traditional marketing efforts.  There’s no better way to educate the new generations of people who rely on the Internet for all their information (i.e. never go to the library, pick a book off the shelf, or even turn to the empty book shelf where resources such as this used to exist).  Below are some of these initiatives. 

  • formed a new partnership with The National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC, Inc.), a student-led organization representing 300 engineering student leaders across 30 schools nationwide.  We’re working closely with NAESC’s student leaders to encourage them to use now in their course work – ultimately making them Brand Ambassadors for their respective schools.  Check out our new ThomasNet Student Facebook page and dedicated home page.
  • We’ve been a member of the Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM) for over 25 years.  This year, we’ve worked closely with ISM Global and the NY Chapter. We’ve conducted several member meetings as well as a webinar and the reception has been terrific­!  We’re scheduling meetings with regional chapters across the country, and offering personal visits to members who have 25+ buyers on staff.
  • We are also partnering with the U.S. Commercial Service Office which helps to guide overseas buyers to find American-made products. To date, we’ve introduced to branches in the Midwest, and Canada. Plans are underway to conduct webinars across the country.

Contact me to become a part of this initiative.

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