How Do I Increase the Conversion Rate of My Website?

Most B2B/Industrial suppliers now have a Website that adequately meets the demands of their visitors.  Yet few seem satisfied with their overall Internet marketing results, at least, they feel like they could me MORE effective.  The question I often encounter is, “How do we get more visitors to convert to genuine leads?”  The answer to that question lies within your methods for getting visitors to your Website. 

Take a step back and think about the past for a minute.  Before the Internet were you inspired to open a storefront in the neighborhood shopping mall because it got more foot traffic than your industrial park?  Probably not.  

Did you grab the local white pages and tell your sales staff to call every person in it?  Probably not. 

Before the Internet you relied on resources like D&B to develop your own market-focused lists of prospects to call businesses that use your products.  You preferred to attend market-specific trade shows that attracted people that were pre-qualified as potential users/buyers of your products, or advertised in market specific trade magazines. 

The Internet has been a great tool for consolidating most of our resources into one central hub, but does that magically make all resources equal?  Is “Internet marketing” really what you’re after or is your goal to generate more leads and increased sales?  

You avoided mainstream marketing in the past, so do it now!   Too many companies focus their efforts on SEO but they fail to realize that less than .1% of the traffic on the search engines is relevant to thier industry.  Where does your target audience go when they have the PURPOSE of finding new suppliers?  You’ll be surprised to find that ThomasNet is the only place on the Web where industry turns to find suppliers.  We don’t come anywhere near the numbers of the search engines, but we’re not the shopping mall or the white pages.  ThomasNet makes it easier for industrial buyers to connect with industrial suppliers at the critical time in the buyign cycle when they are actively searching for your products.  Do you think these visitors convert to leads at a higher rate?

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