Web Traffic vs. Business Opportunities

I spend more time reviewing Website traffic statistics than I care to admit.  I manage Internet marketing programs for hundreds of industrial suppliers and the #1 question I get asked is “How much traffic do I get from ‘this or that’ Website?”  When you analyze the stats from hundreds of companies across multiple industries you start to see some indisputable trends that most people are not aware of because they have nothing to compare their own Web stats against.  Here are some things to keep in mind when analyzing your own Web stats and more importantly, the value of your marketing initiatives:

  1. There is no direct correlation between the number of Web visits to the number of genuine sales leads.
  2. It’s safe to say that 75% of your Web traffic is from people going directly to your Website or typing in your company name on a search engine.  The key to marketing your company Online is to make the most of those 25% of Web visitors who visit your site when searching for your product/services/solutions.
  3. Traffic from ThomasNet tends to convert to a sales lead at a higher rate because this activity is pre-qualified as market specific and product specific.

I see relatively small companies getting thousands of visitors, yet their revenues do not reflect such popularity.  Wouldn’t such high volumes of ‘foot traffic’ equate to higher sales?   Why not? 

There is no simple formula to placing a dollar value on Website visitors because not all visitors are equal.  After All, one lead can turn into a million dollar customer.  What is important is to position your company in front of more of these leads. 

I like to think of it this way…..70% of the entire planet is covered by water (i.e. the Internet marketplace)….BUT 98% of that water is in the oceans and can’t be consumed (i.e. general Web traffic without a purpose)….That leaves us with 2% potable water for survival (i.e. genuine sales opportunities for business survival).  Next time you’re thirsty will you jump into the ocean or seek the smaller streams to quench your thirst?

When developing your next strategy for growing sales be sure to resist the temptation of the giant seas of search engines and instead seek out the streams of prosperity provided by ThomasNet!

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