ThomasNet Competitors

I get asked all the time who the competition is for ThomasNet.  The real answer is “No one can compete with our results”, but there are some companies out there that go to market as an alternative to ThomasNet.  In my opinion, other companies have to come close to being as effective to be considered competition.  Is it fair to say that a VW Bug is competition to a Rolls Royce simply because they are both automobiles?  The truth is that they are in such different class levels to validate a comparison.  Yes, I am saying ThomasNet is the Rolls Royce of industrial Internet marketing and the rest are VW Bugs. 

The difference is that the ThomasNet solutions are more effective at a comparable investment.  Afterall, you market to generate a RETURN on your investment not to spend money.  The ThomasNet programs are more flexible in their ability to be customized to fit client’s sales and marketing objectives and budgets.

Still don’t believe me?  Take a look at the graphs below from 2 of the most reputable third party Online auditing services, and and notice how the overall ThomasNet activity is far ahead of the competition.  Let’s face it, popularity is the first place we start in determining the best place to market your company and no one comes close to ThomasNet.

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