The True Cost of Quality Internet Marketing

The shift from finding suppliers through offline media to finding them Online has forced most companies to move away from offline marketing in favor of Online advertising, a shift that makes perfect sense.  An unfortunate side effect is that a massive cottage industry of marketing services and automated systems from around the world now offer solutions that promise instant gratification at low cost.  Many suppliers choose to disregard sound marketing practices in favor of these low quality solutions for the simple fact that they are cheap.

More than ever buyers are “price shopping” and it seems to bother all of us in sales to no end.  As a representative of American manufacturers I can sympathize with their frustrations.  Many of these companies sprouted out of a garage, a good idea, and hard work.  Along comes Globalization and their ideas are being compromised, work is distributed to the masses for next to nothing, and fair prices for a superior product are scrutinized.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories about a manufacturer losing a good customer to a low cost supplier only to get the business back again due to poor quality.

I have learned the importance of quality myself many times now that I am a homeowner and parent.  Quality toys last for months while poor quality ones only last a few minutes.  The cheapest tool in the store almost always guarentees a trip back to the store to re-purchase a better tool to undue the damage done by the cheap one.

So what does this have to do with Internet marketing?  Sound marketing strategies have been established from hundreds of years of economic trials-and-errors and countless hours of educated studies.  Things like building brand reputation, launching a strategy that mirrors the sales cycle, and long term programs designed to capture opportunities that would have otherwise been missed have been the mainstays of marketing strategies for decades. 

When choosing an Internet marketing solution it is in the best interest of the marketer to choose a provider that has experience in your industry, offers programs that aligns with your established sales strategies, and puts you in a position to capture opportunities that would have otherwise been missed.  For the industrial supplier ThomasNet is your best choice.  Our 100+ years servicing industry and dedication to enhancing the Online strategies of industrial suppliers is unmatched.  Nothing is more frustrating than missing a sales opportunity because your daily allowance of clicks expired earlier in the day.  And when is the last time it made sense that a tiny investment will reap a huge reward in business?   Don’t make the same mistake that most of your competition is making when it comes to Internet marketing by dabbling in a cheap strategy when you can work with a quality  industry leader like ThomasNet that will provide you with a proven, sound marketing strategy designed to deliver a long term return on your investment.

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