Using ThomasNet News to Enhance Your Brand Online

“Where can we advertise Online to enhance our brand, reach an audience of industrial decision makers, and get the best bang for our buck?”  Look no further than ThomasNet News for the answer!


 How can ThomasNet help to keep your company top-of-mind in the industrial community?  For decades various divisions of Thomas Publishing have published industrial product news alerts, press releases, and company news.  When Thomas Register transitioned fully to the logical step was to convert these press release outlets Online as well.  ThomasNet News would quickly become the world’s most comprehensive portal on the Internet for industrial news!  Below are some statistics about ThomasNet News:

  • Over 420,000 visitors to the site monthly
  • Organized by industry specific news groups where every press release is mapped
  • Cross linked with for excellent backlink status, social marketing, and page rank
  • Enhanced distribution through RSS, triple opt-in email newsletters (58,000 subscribers), industry newsletters (200,000 subscribers), and SEO

Banner advertising on ThomasNet News is guaranteed to generate 50,000 ad impressions per month!  YES, 50,000 ad impressions per month!!!  There’s no question that qualifies as a popular medium for you to promote your brand.  Is it relevant?  Your banner advertising comes in the form of sponsorship of news groups specific to your industry.  What’s better than having an industrial engineer or purchasing manager reading up on new products from suppliers in your industry and seeing your advertisement on the page every time?  The more they see your name, the more they are going to choose you as a potential supplier when they are in need of your products, are searching the Web for your products, or getting a referral from a colleague.

In some ways local companies and consumer/retail companies have it easy.  When they want to improve their brand they hit the masses by erecting a new sign or billboard, enhancing their storefront, running commercials on the radio or television, local newspapers, household magazines, etc.  There are almost limitless options for getting their names out to the masses. 

Business-to-business suppliers that want to target Industry don’t have many credible options.  But the core business principle of brand advertising is just as strong in the industrial community.  The next time an industrial buyer is in need of your products they are going to create a short list of potential suppliers that includes: 1) Their incumbent suppliers, 2) Suppliers they find Online through a search on a site like, and 3) Suppliers they know or were referred to them.  There is no question that at each of the three options listed above your ability to have the buyer recognize your brand vs. your competition will give you a competitive advantage.  Not only is it human nature to choose the brand name over the unknown, but in my experience 99% of the time companies that invest more on promotions also manufacture a better product.  After all, how many times have you gained business from a company that told you they have to buy American products because their offshore supplier is sub-par?

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