New ThomasNet Design Improves Usability

You probably noticed by now that has a new look…..and you may be asking why.  A few of the reasons are outlined below along with some explanations that may prove useful in your own Internet marketing enhancements:

1) TECHNOLOGY–Internet technology is advancing at unbelievable rates.  We are constantly tweaking the technology of ThomasNet to stay ahead of the curve, but every so often there is a tipping point where it just makes more sense to make more global enhancements to the technology that drives our Website.   These changes allow us to apply coding technology that follows best practices for Website speed, SEO, and publishing options among other things.

2) USABILITY–We are constantly evaluating behaviors of users on to improve usability and grow our audience which in turn drives more leads to our clients.  A battery of techniques are used to guide our decisions including blind user studies, usability forums, sophisticated eye tracking studies, click tracking, and more.  No metric is overlooked and virtually everything you see on ThomasNet is there as a result of users telling us what they want, how they want it, and where they want it.

2) DESIGN–Best practices also played a role in all design updates.  Things like the colors on the page, size of the page, fonts, position of icons were modified to improve our overall usability.  Extensive research from major technology consultants helped guide our decisions along with the above mentioned elements of technology and user feedback.


I can’t stress the importance of technology enough when it comes to any Internet marketing strategy.  Your strategy still must revolve around many of the same principles of traditional marketing like design, target audience, branding, etc. but the medium that publishes the message has evolved dramatically.  The moving target with Internet marketing is this rapid rate of growth in the technology that delivers the message.  Most companies are always making “minor” updates to the content and design of their Website, but as the technology of the Internet advances the technology platform that drives your Website is actually moving backwards.  Instead of making major cosmetic changes to a Website every few years it s to your advantage to rebuild the site using the most current technology and best practices. 

Think of it this way, how many times did you take your last car to the shop before you needed to buy a new one?  More important, how did you feel driving that new car vs. the way you felt for the last year or two of driving the old one?  Your first 2 thoughts were probably:  1-How did I ever get around in that old car? and 2-I can’t believe how much better this is!  Believe me, you will have the same feeling about your Website.….If you partner with the right Web vendor.  When you work with ThomasNet on your Internet marketing enhancements you are working with a company who dedicates hundreds of hours into learning best practices for Website technology, user behaviors, and design and we apply this expertise to your strategy.  Don’t drive off the new “Website lot” in a lemon, partner with ThomasNet and come away with a high performance solution.

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