ThomasNet Goes Beyond Internet Marketing


Over 90,000 people have installed the ThomasNet Tools & Gadgets directly onto their computer! 

What does that mean? 

Over 90,000 people have determined that ThomasNet is an important enough resource that they want to access it OUTSIDE of just the Website!

ThomasNet Tools & Gadgets

What follows is a list of some of these tools & gadgets, but more important is an understanding of why they are important to your Internet marketing efforts.  Your first step in Internet marketing is to get your Website found when people search the Web for your products and services.  Your next step is to engage those visitors in an effort to get them to initiate contact.  Or is it?

  • What if you could get to those buyers directly on their desktop….before they even go to the Internet? 
  • What if you could get into the Favorites Folders of those buyers, so when they go to the Web, they bypass the search step and choose you directly? 
  • What if  you could get those buyers to bypass the search engines altogether and use an industry specific toolbar to find you?
  • What if you could provide resources for potential buyers that make their job of finding a supplier of your products easier?

If you are thinking that getting pathways directly from your prospect’s computer’s to yours is too difficult a task to tackle then look to ThomasNet for the solution.  There is really only one way to accomplish this goal and that is to have a large base of buyers who consider you an important enough resource to install your technology directly onto their computer.

Let’s not overlook the fact that 90,000 is a huge number!  Back in the days of trade advertising if a magazine had a subscriber base of 90,000 it could not be overlooked.  While ThomasNet enjoys 40 million users per year, the 90,000 “power users” who download our branded tools are relying heavily on ThomasNet exclusively to recommend their next industrial supplier.  Can you overlook those buyers?

ThomasNet Toolbar Put ThomasNet search on your browser. Work smarter and faster with deep access to industry content and time-saving web-based utilities you’ll use everyday.

ThomasNet Google Desktop Gadget   ThomasNet Google desktop gadget will search from your desktop.

ThomasNet Toolbox  A free, easy-to-use desktop application that allows you to fine tune when working on presentations, documents or web pages; bring important notes front and center; or magnify anything for easy reading.

ThomasNet Search on Google  Power up your Google toolbar with a ThomasNet search button. Shortcut your way to solutions for all your sourcing needs from wherever you are online.

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