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ThomasNet constantly conducts user studies to gather feedback and make sure we always meet the expectations of our users and remain a trusted resource for them in their quest to find industrial suppliers.  Over and over again industrial buyers tell us they choose as their preferred resource for finding suppliers because they feel the companies advertising on ThomasNet are credible suppliers.  When our clients poll their customers to better understand where customers are finding them and again, a common response is that they were found on ThomasNet because that is where buyers turn when they need credible industrial suppliers.


We all use the Internet to find supplier information for everything from birthday gifts to cars and houses, but unless we are visiting the Websites of known/brand name suppliers, we inevitably question who it is we are really interacting with and ultimately buying from.  There is no place where this is truer than in the shoes of the industrial buyer who is often sourcing a supplier for a major purchase in terms of both the size of the purchase and the importance of the purchase.  That is exactly why word-of-mouth has always been such an important source of revenue for industrial suppliers.

So how is word-of-mouth replaced in an electronic age where we rely on computers to make recommendations?

If you put yourself in the shoes of the industrial buyer you can quickly see why ThomasNet is the resource of choice when sourcing new suppliers. is designed specifically to make the job of the industrial buyer easier by proving them with the most important information needed to create their short list of potential suppliers.  Advertiser information is uploaded by human editors with the aid of a dedicated Internet Marketing Specialist, not random snippets of text taken from your Website without your feedback or control.  Ranking on ThomasNet is controlled so you don’t have to guess where you will rank from one day to the next and spend time and money to try and manage a consistent rank.  Company information does not stop at product specifications and applications, press releases are published, supplier generated Online catalogs are replicated, links to Web pages with relevant product data are controlled, and more. 

So when you sit down to formulate your next Online marketing budget, contact your local ThomasNet Internet Marketing Specialist and inquire about the results of the market research we conduct that is specific to the industrial marketplace.  Gain an understanding of how to diversify your strategy and gain the biggest return from your investment.  And most of all, go beyond stats like clicks and page views and look into ways you can boost the credibility of your company Online.

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