Enhancing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The following video demonstrates how a ThomasNet Internet Marketing Program enhances your overall Internet Marketing Strategy.


The growth of the Internet as the most important marketing tool for industrial suppliers has unfortunately brought more confusion to the marketing mix than clarity (no need to worry, the answers are here). 

First, most industrial suppliers thought it was enough just to have a Website, after all, when they searched for their company by name they were at the top of the results.  So, of course a cottage  cottage industry of Webmasters burst onto the scene all of them claiming to be experts not just in Web creation, but in your industry.

After a few years, companies started realizing they couldn’t find their Website when searching the Web for their products and services.  So a new wave of SEO evolved, and wouldn’t you know, an industry of SEO providers popped up who once again claim to be experts in your industry (by this time you most likely could not go back to your original Webmaster because he/she had moved on to another career).

Meanwhile, very little research is being done to really understand where industrial buyers search for industrial suppliers.  ThomasNet has commissioned outside consulting agencies to answer this question and the results are extremely valuable.  It turns out that the next time an industrial buyer turns to the Web to find a new supplier there is about a 60% chance they go to the Website for an incumbent supplier, a 60% chance they go to a search engine, and a 60% chance they go to an industry specific portal like ThomasNet.com.  If you are the incumbent don’t think you’re safe, you’d better have a Website that provides them with the product information they need or there is a 90% chance they will go to a search engine or ThomasNet within seconds. 

So, flip a coin with a search engine on one side and ThomasNet on the other and you will see that the next search for your products on the Web is coming through ThomasNet more times than you may think.  Can you afford to miss those opportunities?

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