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All industrial suppliers want better ranking on the search engines for their products and services.  I hear it all the time, “We’ve got all the keywords and meta tags in there so when people search for us we show up on the first page of the search engines”.   But, when we search their products and services they are usually nowhere to be found.  Why?  Watch my new video below for some explanations and see how advertising with ThomasNet can actually help your own search engine rankings.


Adding keywords and meta tags to your site is just one factor of good SEO.  Trust me, every one of your competitors is putting the same keywords and meta tags on their site that you are, and you are all fighting for the same 10 spots on the first page.  So how do search engines determine their rankings?  No one knows all the answers, but we do know that link popularity is a big factor.  The quantity and quality of sites linking to your Website is a determining factor in where you rank versus your competition.  ThomasNet has over 1.2 million industrial sites linking to it (6 times more than the competition) which search engines recognize as a huge industrial resource.  When you advertise with ThomasNet you become a part of the world’s largest industrial-focused marketplace, your link popularity increases, and you move ahead of your competition.

Why do search engines place so much emphasis on link popularity?  What’s better in supplier sourcing than word of mouth?  When ThomasNet links to your site it is considered a strong vote in favor of your company.

So, when you want to increase your SEO and search engine rankings don’t fall into the trap of only focusing on your own Website (remember where industrial buyers find suppliers), because you will completely overlook what search engines consider one of the most important factors in their ranking system.  Look to ThomasNet to increase your Website activity.

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