Web 2.0 for Industrial Suppliers (Part 2)

On September 16th, 2009 I will be leading a seminar to discuss the value Web 2.0 has to industrial suppliers.  Feel free to contact me for more information using the contact information below.  In the meantime, I have decided to write this brief summary of the value Web 2.0 provides industrial suppliers. 

We know there are 3 main avenues for driving visitors to industrial Websites:

1)      ThomasNet (i.e. directories)

2)      Your own Website

3)      Google (i.e. search engines)

Top 3 Referrers to Industrial Websites

We know about ThomasNet and how it helps with SEO.

We know how your own Website can help with SEO.

Let’s focus on your own Website as it is equally important as ThomasNet and Google.

Marketing has always been about communication to the largest targeted audience possible.  You control the content, but a 3rd party such as an ad agency or publication was almost always needed in terms of creating the style of the message.  The Web came along and it provided more control, but most often, there was still a need to contact a 3rd party to help publish the message.  In other words, the seemingly simple task of talking about yourself, your company, and your expertise more time consuming and cumbersome.

Web 2.0 provides the technology to take control of the content and easily publish it yourself.  AND it can be very SEO friendly.

When you search the Web for answers, Google now tends to serve up more blogs than Websites in the results.  Why?  Because blogs tend to be designed to ask and answer the questions.  YouTube is a wildly popular search engine.  Why?  Because it provides more of an element of truth—a more tangible element is added to your words.

First, it’s important not to equate blogs with open ended chatrooms.  The commenting features are very easily controlled

Most Websites provide a general overview of the company.  Why?  Because if cost and time constraints mentioned above.  Online Catalog solutions like those provided by ThomasNet are great because they add lots of content to your site, but it’s virtually all product driven.

Furthermore, it’s a safe bet that your competition is using the same keywords and SEO strategies as you. 

What really sets you apart from the competition? 

Your work. 

Your people.

These aspects of your company cannot be overlooked, yet they are more times than not.

Blogs provide a means for you to easily update your Website content, showcase your new accomplishments, and provide a platform for your people to showcase their expertise.

Social media sites like twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, and Facebook are very easy to use tools that are rapidly growing in popularity and provide the platform to distribute your message.  Remember, QUANTITY + QUALITY = MARKETING SUCCESS

Buyers use the Web to qualify suppliers.  Web content is the best and only way to capture their attention.  There is a personal element to this—buyers want to feel good about their next potential supplier.  Product information is only part of the equation.  Company information, expertise of personnel, and videos showcasing your capabilities are some of the more popular clicks on a Website because they enhance the comfort level of buyers. 

 Is your Website delivering this to your next potential customer?

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